A car-free day in Paris in 2015?

In August 2014 we put our bold proposal to the Mayor, and a great adventure began…

Our vision is of a car-free day, but a car-free day made by and for the people of Paris.

For one Sunday, private vehicles would be banned in Paris, and public transport would be free.

There would be space for all kinds of activities and initiatives – great big picnics, music concerts, sports and games, leisurely walks around the city. It would be like a festival : everyone could take part.

It would be a moment to reclaim Paris and liberate the streets ; a time to discover other, healthier, cleaner forms of transport. The focus of the day would not be about the restriction of cars ; rather it would be a fun, warm, inclusive and engaging day for residents and visitors alike.

In years to come, the initiative could spread to neighbouring municipalities, like in Brussels where a car-free day takes place each year in 19 districts.

Exiting, people-powered initiatives are flourishing all over the world. What happens in Paris on 27 September could become a source of inspiration for other towns and cities around the globe.